Hearing Aid Fittings in Sevierville, TN

In order to have a successful hearing aid fitting, the hearing aids you choose have to be able to correctly fit your ear so that they are able to provide the proper amplification. At Smokey Mountain Audiology & Hearing Aids, we take the time to ensure that you are fitted with the most appropriate hearing device for your situation.
Before Your Fitting
Before any hearing aid fittings are conducted, your audiologist will give you a hearing test to determine the softest sound you can hear and the volume of sound that is too loud. This is done so that we will know how much gain your hearing aid has to provide to amplify soft sounds and how much it has to compress loud sounds.

During your evaluation, we will discuss the variety of hearing aid styles, identifying features that set the hearing aids apart from one another. You will be provided with recommendations of which hearing aids may be the most appropriate for you. This recommendation will be based on the results of your hearing evaluation and specific communication needs. If a customized hearing device is necessary, ear mold impressions will be made of your ears.

Adjusting Your Hearing Aids
Hearing Aid — Hearing Aid Fittings in Sevierville, TN
After you have received your hearing aids, you will need to make a return visit so that your audiologist can determine whether your device is providing the proper amount of amplification for your degree of hearing loss. This may be the most important part of your hearing aid fitting as your audiologist will program your hearing aid according to the tests he or she conducts. When the tests are completed and your hearing aids are correctly programmed, you will be advised of the maintenance that is required for your devices. You will be able to practice day-to-day operations such as removing and replacing the battery or removing or inserting the hearing aid with your audiologist there to provide assistance if necessary.